Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer flew by again.  I have to check the calendar for all the wonderful fun we've had.  Movies, sleepovers. swimming, beach, springs, swimming, Disney, swimming, gymnastics, play dates, PJ party, scout camp, South FL, Career day with daddy, temple, Aunt Dee Dee, Grandma-Grandpa-Aunt Stacy, Birthdays, Baptism, Soccer game, Reagan's first tooth, then the second the very next day with Kylie's 7th the same hour! Aquatica, Sea World, rollerblading, Lake shore park, Uncle's -Kyle at Aunt Linda's pool, Jared at our house, Steven announcing with Aunt Marsha they're giving us a cousin on the east coast!, swimming, friends, games, and did I mention SWIMMING!!! Ending it with a big trip to see our only cousins in Cali.  My brother Nate and Aunt Desi.  Can't wait for her great cooking.  Maybe I'll learn a few recipes my kids will like. Can't believe how tan Kinsey is and she's swimming so well.  How wonderful Kylie is to have around, still reading an helping with Westley, her sisters, and the house.  how creative and happy Reagan is all the time.  And how mobile Westley is.  He started climbing the stairs this past week, with no faltering at all, going down, we won't try yet.  Thanks Gram for all you help with the kids and house!  Thanks Chris for working so hard through the summer.    

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bush gardens

Wow, what a great day. Since I am working summer school four days a week today was my first day off and so we decided to go have some fun together. We picked bush gardens cause we haven't used our passes there much and we knew if we go later in the summer it would just be hotter and more crowded. Well what a good call cause there was hardly anyone there and the weather was basically perfect. It was a little hot for the first few hours but then a brief rain storm cooled it down and the clouds kinda hung around to keep the temp from soaring. Well I posted a ton of pics on instagram throughout the day but here's a few that I did not. If u aren't on instagram check it out to see the other pics I posted there.

Saturday, June 02, 2012


I am posting more pictures on a more frequent basis to instagram. If u have it on your iPad, iPod or iPhone follow me, Csorrough. If not, it's a free app u should check out as it's a great easy way to share pictures. I will still post updates here occasionally but you'll see alot more on instagram. For example this morning we went to the spirit farm we have here in harmony and I posted I think 7 pictures instantly as I took them. I will post a few here now for those of u not on instagram. In other news, everyone here is pumped for the last week of school! Amber can't wait to be home with the kids and even though I'll still be working 4 days a week at my schools summer program I am looking forward to the change. Not only are the weeks shorter but also the summer program is more like camp than school and alot of fun. Kylie is super excited for her birthday and counting down the days. Just a few minutes ago I heard her upstairs shouting 16 more days till my birthday. Girls r heading off to the pool and I'm off to Ref a few city Rec games then tonight a trip to the dollar theater to see mirror mirror. Hope u all enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Poor Wes

So not much going on lately, just been real busy with work stuff. The last couple weeks of the school year are always crazy. We are looking forward to the summer break and especially our trip to visit Nate, Desi and the kids out in southern CA. So poor Wes is already getting dolled up by his sisters as you will see in the picture below. The other one is just of him passed out in his little seat as amber and I were getting dinner on the table. His little head bobbed a few times then bam he was down for the count.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wes and ceiling fans

This kid is obsessed! Any time there's a ceiling fan on he just looks up and stairs so tonight at the dinner table I snapped this photo to share. Oh, he's also drinking through a straw now!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Wes eats his first orange

Here are some pics. Check out Reagan's short hair. She decided to hack off her bangs so she had to go get a professional haircut to cover up the damage.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Community lau tonight

So we had a neighborhood lau tonight and here's some pics of Amber and Reagan learning to hula. Also today was our eleventh wedding anniversary. I am so blessed Amber has not only put up with me but been the best wife and mother a guy could ask for. Thanks babe. Love ya!